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2010 CEDAR Workshop

20-25 June 2010

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO


Registration and documents

Register Students 14 May and Regulars 28 May - poster abstracts due 14 May - Can also view participant lists and abstracts.

2010 Our 25th Anniversary


DVDs of Talks and On-line Videos

This year we plan to put ~11 hours of talks from the CEDAR 2010 Workshop on-line as mpeg4 videos. They will also appear as 5 DVDs. Presently, .pdfs of most of the talks are under the 25th Anniversary section, or linked to the agenda, or to the specific workshop pages, or below. The .pdf talks on the DVDs are:

  1. The 25th Anniversary Celebration, Comments from Former CSSC Chairs (Romick, Salah, and Mendillo), Attendance and CSSC Awards, Photos; Memorial Talks on Henry Rishbeth and William Gordon (where longer written memorial articles are in the Spring 2010, volume 57 (7.1 MB, CEDAR Post, and in the Email version with lower resolution pictures (1.5 MB), long with text on Rishbeth)
  2. Roble Distinguished Lecture; Kauffman WACCM tutorial and Mills 5 WACCM 'How-To's
  3. Student Keynote Lectures from Hysell and de la Beaujardiere
  4. Bernhardt CEDAR Prize Lecture, Mierkiewicz Tutorial, and 4 Science Highlights by Erickson, Qian, Shim, and Semeter
  5. CEDAR Mini Lidar School (Chu, She, Gerrard, Raizada)

The on-line .mp4 videos are available as release forms are signed and should be played with QuickTime. They are linked at the list of CEDAR Tutorials and Lectures.

Poster Sessions (abstracts due 14 May)

All poster abstracts are located via the registration page under 'Lists' where each abstract can be viewed. There are 160 poster slots, with 2 cancellations (IT-IRRI-04 and IT-SOLA-10), with one extra poster coming from Geonhwa Jee, and one MLT-ITMA-02 poster moved to the IT-IRRI-04 slot, leaving a single slot open for another poster at the MLT-ITMA-02 slot. There are 151 persons presenting posters, including 95 students (16 Masters and 14 undergraduates). In competition are 77 students (13 Masters and 12 undergraduates). 42 of 50 students in the MLT session are in the student poster competition and 33 of 45 students in the IT session.

Individual Workshops

General Information