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2011 Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop

Theme: 'Exploring Connections in the Geospace System'

26 June to 01 July 2011

Santa Fe Convention Center, Santa Fe, NM

The 25th IUGG General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia (June 28 - July 7, 2011) at http://www.iugg2011.com/ overlaps our joint workshop, but we were assured that the majority of the IT and GEM sessions would be in the second week. That is unfortunately not the case for the CEDAR MLT community who will have to make a choice of what meeting to attend.


Joint Science Steering Committee

Registration and Workshop Materials

Register Students 13 May and Regulars 3 June - poster abstracts due 13 May - Can also view participant lists and abstracts. GEM website at UCLA with link to GEM registration (opened 5 April).

Agenda (All Workshops are listed: Joint, GEM and CEDAR)

Individual Workshops (2 different workshop forms)

Poster Sessions (abstracts due Friday 13 May, light snacks)

GEM poster session times were chosen on the basis of the day (Tuesday or Wednesday requested), while CEDAR posters were sorted into MLT (Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere) and IT (Ionosphere-Thermosphere with some GEM overlap). There are ~95 GEM posters Tuesday and 64 (34 in competition) CEDAR MLT posters, while there are 107 (51 in competition) CEDAR IT-GEM posters on Wednesday and ~35 GEM posters. Posters go up during the morning breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday, and come down before the session starts at 8 AM on Wednesday and Thursday. There are 45 boards for 180 posters per night of size 4ft by 4ft (1.3m x 1.3m).

General Information

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