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Register Here for CEDAR

  • Students (Undergraduate, Graduate and Foreign) - $320.00
  • Students requesting travel support must register by Friday, 23 March. Student will be notified on 31 March if they have been selected to receive student travel support. Cancellations after May 24 incur a $15.00 charge.
  • Students NOT requesting travel support must register by Friday, 29 May. A late fee of $75.00 is imposed on student registrations beginning on Saturday, 30 May. Cancellations after May 29 incur a $15.00 charge.
  • Student registration includes includes the Welcome Reception, Student Lunch, CEDAR Banquet Dinner and shared lodging at the Eldorado Hotel and Spa.
  • Any student electing not to stay at the provided hotel will be reimbursed $50/night after the conference has been completed and their hotel receipts have been submitted to Gete Bond.
  • Choose to pay in 'cash' or 'check' and then ask your adviser to pay your registration fee.
  • Regular - $520
    • Registration includes includes the Welcome Reception and the CEDAR Banquet Dinner.
    • A late fee of $75.00 is imposed on Regular registrations beginning on May 29. Cancellations incur a $15.00 charge.
  • One Day (CEDAR Welcome Reception and CEDAR Banquet Dinner not included) - $170.00
  • Two Day (CEDAR Welcome Reception and CEDAR Banquet Dinner not included) - $270.00
  • VISA and Mastercard credit cards can be used in the registration process on-line.

Post-Submittal Editing and Reports (e.g. abstracts, payment, etc)

It is possible to edit the registration information, look at confirmation pages, and view reports from the registration site. Participants can pay cash at the registration desk, mail a check or pay by Visa or MasterCard credit card. Receipts for credit card payments are emailed immediately, and can also be printed out later.

Please be aware that a late fee of $75 is imposed (see above for when).

One or two abstracts can be added later at a later date. Poster abstracts are required and due Friday, May 10. The poster session abstracts for Poster sessions will be available in .pdf format in the form of a poster booklet.

General Information:

In an effort to become more environmentally friendly CEDAR will not be providing registration packets. We will provide Workshop Agendas and a small amount of additional handout materials for your reference at the workshop registration tables.
All Workshop Materials Will Be Available Online.
Wifi is available to all attendees at both the Eldorado Hotel and the Hilton Santa Fe.