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  1. Grand Challenge: Multi scale IT System Dynamics (Multi scale IT System Dynamics)
    Conveners: Nishimura, Toshi, Ridley, Aaron
    Keywords: multi-scale dynamics, ionosphere-theremosphere coupling, high and mid latitudes.
  2. Grand Challenge: Understanding the Electromagnetic Energy Input to Earth’s Atmosphere (Poynting Flux)
    Conveners: Chartier, Alex, Datta-Barua, Seebany, Perry, Gareth, Matsuo, Tomoko, Bristow, Bill Wang, Wenbin
    Keywords: Poynting flux, electromagnetic energy, high-latitude, ionosphere.
  3. Grand Challenge: Coordinated Ground and Space-based Observations of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System (CONCERT)
    Conveners: Greer, Katelynn, Burns, Alan , England, Scott, Martinis, Carlos, Cherniak, Iurii, Wang, Wenbin
    Keywords: ICON GOLD COSMIC-2 thermosphere ionosphere.
  4. Model systems engineering: connecting models for discovery (Model systems engineering)
    Conveners: Hirsch, Michael, Zettergren, Matthew
    Keywords: software, modeling, ionosphere.
  5. Snakes on a Spaceship: The Order of the Python (Snakes on a Spaceship)
    Conveners: Burrell, Angeline, Halford, Alexa, Stoneback, Russell
    Keywords: Python, Community Software, Reproducibility.
  6. Progress in Lidar Science and Engineering (Lidar Progress)
    Conveners: Collins, Richard, Yuan, Titus
    Keywords: Laser Remote Sensing, Weather, Space Weather, Technology.
  7. Current Status and Needs For 21st Century Thermospheric Dynamics Measurements: The 2019-2020 Thermospheric Winds SWOT Analysis (Status and Needs: Thermospheric Winds)
    Conveners: Dandenault, Patrick, Harding, Brian, Khadka, Sovit, Kaeppler, Steve
    Keywords: winds ionosphere thermosphere.
  8. Data Science in CEDAR: Progress, Capacity-Building, and Traversing Disciplines ( Data Science in CEDAR)
    Conveners: McGranaghan, Ryan, Bhatt, Asti, Kunduri, Bharat , Ahrens, James, Enrico Camporeale, Marcin Pilinski;
    Keywords: data science, convergence, system.
  9. CEDAR Science Past the Next Decade – A Long-Term Vision (CEDAR Long Term Vision)
    Conveners: Bhatt, Asti, Bossert, Katrina, Goodwin, Lindsay, Jones Jr., McArthur, Oberheide, Jens, McGranaghan, Ryan
    Keywords: CEDAR strategic vision.
  10. Cold Plasma Populations Throughout the Geospace System (Cold Plasma)
    Conveners: Varney, Roger, Delzanno, Gian Luca
    Keywords: Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling; Ion Outflow; Plasmasphere.
  11. Discovery science near the magnetic equator (Discovery Science near the magnetic equator)
    Conveners: Hysell, David, Milla, Marco
    Keywords: equatorial ionosphere, irregularities, space weather.
  12. NASA Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) data introduction and tutorial (ICON data tutorial)
    Conveners: Harding, Brian, Triplett, Colin, Wu, Yen-Jung Joanne;
    Keywords: ICON, low latitude, upper/lower thermosphere, ionosphere.
  13. Subauroral Science: STEVE, SAPS, SAID, and SAR arcs! (Subauroral Science)
    Conveners: Gallardo-Lacourt, Bea, Erickson, Phil, Perry, Gareth, Martinis, Carlos, Kunduri, Bharat ;
    Keywords: STEVE, SAPS, SAID, SAR arcs.
  14. Geospace storm dynamics in the upper atmosphere and ionospheric density gradients (Ionospheric density gradients)
    Conveners: Zhang, Shunrong, Wang, Wenbin ;
    Keywords: geospace storm, ionospheric density gradients, SED, main trough, TOI, Patch, TID.
  15. Whole atmosphere coupling and sudden stratospheric warmings of solar cycle 24 (Whole atmosphere coupling)
    Conveners: Goncharenko, Larisa, Yamazaki, Yosuke, Chau, Jorge;
    Keywords: Planetary waves, tides, gravity waves, sudden stratospheric warming.
  16. Modeling Capabilities for Studying the Coupled Atmosphere System: New Developments and Applications (New Model Capabilities)
    Conveners: Liu, Hanli, Snively, Jonathan;
    Keywords: Numerical models, space-atmosphere interaction, scale coupling .
  17. Grand Challenge Initiative -- Mesosphere / Lower Thermosphere (Grand Challenge Initiative MLT)
    Conveners: Blix, Kolbjørn, Moen, Jøran, Rowland, Douglas, Lehmacher, Gerald ;
    Keywords: mesosphere thermosphere campaign.
    Conveners: Fallen, Christopher, Dao, Eugene, Gentile, Louise, Holmes, Jeffrey , Obenberger, Kenneth;
    Keywords: Ionosphere, magnetosphere, ionosphere modification, HF heating, chemical release, wave-particle interactions, plasma waves.
  19. Joint Session on TAD/TID/MSTIDs: Earth’s atmosphere vertical coupling relation with MSTIDs; Identification and Source Differentiation; Disturbances of high latitude origin and their low latitude impacts. (Joint Session on TAD/TID/MSTID)
    Conveners: Fabio Vargas, Manbharat Singh Dhadly, Kate Zawdie, Pedrina Terra ;
    Keywords: Vertical Coupling; TAD/TID/MSTID sources; Ionosphere-Thermosphere region.
  20. CEDAR and Climate Change (CEDAR and Climate Change)
    Conveners: Susan Nossal, Urbina, Julio, Marty Mlynczak, Kumari, Komal ;
    Keywords: climate change, whole atmosphere studies, long term data sets, climate change mitigation; education and outreach.
  21. Meteoroids and Space Debris (Meteoroids)
    Conveners: Urbina, Julio, Close, Sigrid;
    Keywords: meteors, ionosphere, winds.
  22. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and CEDAR (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and CEDAR)
    Conveners: Nossal, Susan, Urbina, Julio, Jones, Jr., McArthur, Bhatt, Asti, Bossert, Katrina;
    Keywords: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Broadening Participation.
  23. The Space Weather Data Portal: A Tool for Research and Education (SWx Data Portal)
    Conveners: Sutton, Eric, Knuth, Jennifer, Lucas, Greg, Thayer, Jeffrey, Knipp, Delores, Thomas Berger;
    Keywords: Data Portal, Visualization, Educational Tools.