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Millstone Hill Observatory


Available Instruments

Instruments that are NOT in digital form in the CEDAR Database

  • the Boston University Mobile Ionospheric Observatory (MIO) imaging system (kinst 7200) which ran from April 1985 to June 1989, and the CEDAR Imager (kinst 7240) which started in September 1989. Both imagers were/are located at Millstone Hill (42.6N, 71.5W; 53.1 magN). Video tapes of images from July 1987 to September 1994 are available at the CEDAR Database. The original data and other periods can be obtained from Michael Mendillo (mendillo at A complete list of observing and calibration dates for this and other optical instruments run by Boston University are located on the web at On-line images include 557.7 and 630 nm all-sky imager data at Millstone Hill Massachusetts from 2001-2006, at Arecibo Puerto Rico from 2002-2005, and 630 nm images from El Leoncito Argentina from 2000-2003.

--Revised 29 May 2006 by Barbara Emery