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1285 - PLR - Platteville, Colorado MF RADAR
Instrument Type: Instrument > Radar > MiddleAtmosphereRadar > MFRadar
Observatory: None
Observation Site: PLR - Platteville, Colorado MF RADAR
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: PLR

The Platteville 2 MHz MF radar is located in Colorado, USA (40.18N, 104.7W; 1505 m alt), and has been in operation since December 1999, with a data gap from March to July 2000 because of system problems. On day 359 of 2001 at 89 km altitude, the apex magnetic coordinates were (49.3, -39.6) degrees. The magnetic inclination and declination angles were 67.2 deg and 10.0 deg. The magnetic local time at 0000 Universal Time (UT) is about 1617 MLT. The solar local time (SLT) is UT minus 6 hours and 59 minutes (-104.7/15=-6.98).