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1539 - ASC - Ascension Island Meteor RADAR
Instrument Type: Instrument > Radar > MiddleAtmosphereRadar > MeteorWindRadar
Observatory: None
Observation Site: ASC - Ascension Island Meteor RADAR
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: ASC

The Ascension Island (7.96 S, 14.38 W; alt 170 m) 43.50 MHz meteor radar has been in operation since August 1999. On day 359 of 2001 at 89 km altitude, the apex magnetic coordinates were (-19.6, 55.0) degrees. The magnetic inclination and declination angles were -39.3 deg and -16.8 deg. The magnetic local time at 0 Universal Time (UT) is about 2235 MLT. The solar local time (SLT) is UT minus 58 minutes (14.38/15=0.959).