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2090 - CIA - Christmas Island ST (MEDAC) Radar
Instrument Type: Instrument > Radar > MiddleAtmosphereRadar > MeteorWindRadar
Observatory: None
Observation Site: CIA - Christmas Island ST (MEDAC) Radar
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: CIA

The Christmas Island ST (MEDAC) radar is located at (1.95N, 157.30W). The MEDAC (Meteor Echo Detection And Collection) sytem added to the ST (STratospheric) radar makes observations of winds measured from the backscatter off meteor trails. The system is described in Avery et al. (1990). The observations are described in solar local time, which is defined to be 10 hours and 32 minutes after UT (-158/15 = -10.53 or 10 hours and 32 minutes, where the longitude used was 158 W instead of 157.30 W). These are monthly means corresponding to the day numbers given. The days are counted from Hawaiian Standard Time (= UT-10h). Hence, data starting on the first of the month actually starts at 10 UT on the first of the month, and data ending at the end of the month ends on the first day of the next month at 0959 UT. This data set is two years of data from September 1988 to August 1989, and for all of 1991. The analysis will be revised in the future.