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210 - GPI - Geophysical indices from NGDC: Lenhart
Instrument Type: Instrument > Magnetometer
Observatory: None
Observation Site: None
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: GPI

The CEDAR Database contains the 3-h Kp and ap indices, daily Ap, sunspot numbers and 10.7 cm solar flux values, and 81 day average 10.7 cm solar flux averages from 1 January 1960 to 30 April 2000. The 81 day average 10.7 cm solar flux is calculated, but our source for the other indices is the World Data Center in Boulder where one can get: * Sunspot numbers (1818-present) * 10.7 cm (2800 MHz) daily solar flux (1947-present), observed and adjusted to 1 A.U. * Kp, ap and other indices (1932-present). These indices include Bartels solar rotation number, 3-h Kp, Kp sum, 3-h ap, daily Ap, Bartels solar rotation number, CP and C9 indices, international sunspot number, and 10.7 cm flux adjusted to 1 A.U. The Kp and ap indices are also defined.