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2200 - PLA - Platteville Colorado ST (MEDAC) Radar
Instrument Type: Instrument > Radar > MiddleAtmosphereRadar > MeteorWindRadar
Observatory: None
Observation Site: PLA - Platteville Colorado ST (MEDAC) Radar
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: PLA

The Platteville, CO ST (MEDAC) radar is located at (40 N, 105 W). The MEDAC (Meteor Echo Detection And Collection) sytem added to the ST (STratospheric) radar makes observations of winds measured from the backscatter off meteor trails. The system is described in Avery et al. (1990). The original observations are described in local time, which is 7 hours later than UT. (Mountain Standard Time = UT - 7 hours.) The mean solar local time (SLT) is about 7 hours after UT. (i.e., -105 E/15 deg/hr = -7.00 hours). Therefore, no adjustment was made to the phase, since the local time is very close to the solar local time. These are the analyzed data on the neutral winds in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere during or including the LTCS-2 period, 5-10 December 1988. This condensed format is consistent with the analyzed data from other sites as well, and is prepared in order to facilitate research work. However, users need to inform the data suppliers that they are using the data in case of updates or changes, and to insure that the data are being used and interpreted properly.