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53 - IST - Irkutsk Russia I.S. Radar
Instrument Type: Instrument > Radar > IncoherentScatterRadar
Observatory: None
Observation Site: IST - Irkutsk Russia I.S. Radar
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: IST

These experiments are a compilation of Irkutsk ISR data available in October 2002 from This is the first contribution from the Irkutsk IS radar, Geographic: 52.9N 103.3E 502m-msl Magnetic: 41.06N 104.75E which started full operation in 1996, although there are some single measurements from 1988. These data (for 1999 to 2002) have 50km spatial resolution, typically starting at 250-300 km height and with time resolution 20 minutes. The data are in the vertical direction. Higher resolution is available on request with as little as 10 km height intervals, starting at 170-200 km, and 2 minutes time resolution. The data can be used under the 'Rules of the Road' - ie, informing us at an early stage of the work and offering us a cooperation request at the publication stage.