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5480 - SFP - Sondre Stromfjord Fabry-Perot
Instrument Type: Instrument > OpticalInstrument > Interferometer > FabryPerot
Observatory: None
Observation Site: SFP - Sondre Stromfjord Fabry-Perot
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: SFP

The Sondre Stromfjord Fabry Perot interferometer, operated by the Space Physics Research Laboratory, Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences of the University of Michigan is located at latitude 66.99N and longitude 50.95W. The invariant latitude is 74 degrees, the inclination of the magnetic field is 80 degrees and the declination of the field is -39 degrees (39 degrees to the west). Midnight local solar time at the site occurs at 03:24 UT, while midnight magnetic local time is 01:57 UT at the equinoxes. Magnetic midnight varies with season, being 15 minutes earlier at the winter solstice and 15 minutes later at the summer solstice compared to the equinox value. Currently, the interferometer observes the line profiles of the forbidden emissions OI (557.7nm) and OI (630.0nm). Most of the data in the CEDAR Database are 630.0nm (code 7001), with additional 557.7nm (code 7002) data starting in 2002. The filter wheel was changed in 2002, resulting in brighter relative emissions.