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5700 - SPM - South Pole Antarctica Michelson Inter.
Instrument Type: Instrument > OpticalInstrument > Interferometer > MichelsonInterferometer
Observatory: None
Observation Site: SPM - South Pole Antarctica Michelson Interf
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: SPM

A near infrared (NIR) BOMEM MB160 Michelson interferometer (MI) has operated at South Pole Station (90.00S, 2835 m) in Antarctica since January 1992. The MI scans the dark sky NIR airglow emissions between ~5000-10000 cm-1. A periscope directs the airglow into the MI sequentially from three locations at an elevation angle of 25 deg at azimuth angles of 0 (0 E), 120 (120 E), and 240 (240 E) deg. The periscope dwells at each position for about 4-15 min. Airglow hydroxyl Meinel (OH-M) band emissions peak at 87 km and are located between about 83 and 89 km for an elevation angle of 25 deg, the 87 km peak is located at a latitude spacing of 1.6 degrees, or at 88.4 S.