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5900 - SFM - Sondrestrom Fjord Michelson Interfer.
Instrument Type: Instrument > OpticalInstrument > Interferometer > MichelsonInterferometer
Observatory: None
Observation Site: SFM - Sondrestrom Fjord Michelson Interfer.
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: SFM

A near infrared (NIR) BOMEM MB160 Michelson interferometer (MI) has operated at Sondrestrom Fjord (66.99 N, 50.95 W), Greenland, 180 m above mean sea level since September, 1990. The MI scans the dark sky NIR airglow emissions between ~5000-10000 cm-1. A periscope directs the airglow into the MI sequentially from three locations at an elevation angle of 25 deg at azimuth angles of 0 (geog N), 120, and 240 deg. The periscope dwells at each position for about 15 min. Airglow hydroxyl Meinel (OH-M) band emissions peak at 87 km and are located between about 83 and 89 km. For an elevation angle of 25 deg, the 87 km peak is at a latitude spacing of 1.61 degrees, or about 179 km away.