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6320 - CSL - Colorado State Sodium LIDAR
Instrument Type: Instrument > OpticalInstrument > Lidar > SodiumLidar
Observatory: None
Observation Site: CSL - Colorado State Sodium LIDAR
Operating Mode:

Instrument Page: CSL

The Colorado State University (CSU) narrow-band sodium (Na) lidar is located at Fort Collins, Colorado at (40.59N, 105.14W), 1570 m above sea level. It was developed with CEDAR support and has been in operation since 1990. The sodium layer is located between about 70 and 120 km, with a peak near 92 km. At the end of 2001 at 92 km, the apex magnetic lat,lon coordinates were (49.61, -40.17), where the magnetic inclination and declination angles were 67.58 deg and 10.33 deg. The magnetic local time at 0 UT is 1612 MLT.