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The following is the current list of CEDAR Workshop proposals for the 2021 CEDAR Workshop

  1. Grand Challenge Initiative Mesosphere / Lower Thermosphere - convener Kolbjorn Blix
  2. Non-storm time variations in the ionosphere and thermosphere - convener Yongliang Zhang
  3. Distributed Arrays of Small Instrument (DASI) and satellite missions - convener Cesar E Valladares
  4. Geospace observations and space weather studies at the magnetic equator - convener D. Hysell
  5. Dynamic coupling of the thermosphere-ionosphere system during geomagnetically active periods - convener W. Wang
  6. Grand Challenge: Multi-scale Ionosphere-Thermosphere System Dynamics - convener Ynishimura
  7. Space Weather impacts on GNSS applications at Mid-latitudes - convener Sebastijan Mrak
  8. Understanding the Electromagnetic Energy Input to Earth’s Atmosphere - convener Alexchartier
  9. Synergy Between First-Principles and Data-Informed Modeling - convener Dogacan Su Ozturk
  10. Current Status, Needs, and Capabilities For 21st Century Thermospheric Dynamics Measurements: The 2019-2021 Thermospheric Winds SWOT Analysis - convener Sovit Khadka
  11. Interhemispheric IT asymmetries and their causes and effects - convener A. Maute
  12. Meteoroids and Space Debris - convener Julio Urbina
  13. Towards Establishing DEI (Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive) Safe Spaces in CEDAR - convener Katrina Bossert
  14. Lidar Science & Engineering Advances - convener Jintai Li
  15. CEDAR and Climate Change - convener S. Nossal
  16. Grand Challenge: Coordinated Ground and Space-based Observations of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System - convener Katelynn Greer
  17. Snakes on a Spaceship: Survival of the Python - convener Alexa Halford
  18. AIM Coupling Studies at Midlatitudes Inspired with Lidar Observations - convener Xinzhao Chu
  19. AIM Coupling Studies at High Latitudes Inspired with Lidar Observations - convener Xinzhao Chu
  20. Data Science in CEDAR: CEDAR Data Science as a guide for the Heliophysics Decadal Survey - convener Ryan McGranaghan
  21. Gravity wave multi-step vertical coupling from the troposphere to the thermosphere/ionosphere - convener Sharon Vadas
  22. Progress in understanding solar eclipse effects on geospace - convener Shunrong Zhang
  23. Exploring mesosphere-lower thermosphere-ionosphere (MLTI) applications for emerging commercial suborbital spacecraft - convener H Todd Smith
  24. Instrumentation and Calibration for Optical Observations of the Earth\'s Upper Atmosphere - convener Jeff Baumgardner
  25. Hydrogen in the Upper Atmosphere - convener Edwin Mierkiewicz
  26. Looking forward towards 2050: Gearing up for the Decadal Survey - convener Douglas Rowland
  27. Model software engineering - convener Michael Hirsch
  28. Storm time modification of ionosphere/thermosphere - drivers and interactions near solar minimum - convener Thomas Immel
  29. Observations and modeling of vertical coupling in the Space-Atmosphere Interaction Region - convener Yen-Jung Wu
  30. Magnetosphere, ionosphere, and atmosphere coupling at subauroral latitudes: Recent advances and open questions - convener P. Erickson
  31. Accelerating Your Science With Assimilative Mapping of Geospace Observations (AMGeO): Tutorial and Interactive Demos - convener Tomoko Matsuo
  32. Advances in atmosphere vertical coupling and its relationship with ionosphere-thermosphere oscillatory phenomena (TAD/TIDs/MSTIDs) - convener Pedrina Santos
  33. Reproducibility in Geospace Science: Best practices for Data - convener InGeO team - Asti Bhatt, Ashton Reimer, Leslie Lamarche, Todd Va