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FPS Sites for TIMED

Mark Conde of the University of Alaska is responsible for the analysis of the Fabry-Perot instruments located at:

  1. Poker Flat, Alaska (65.12N, 212.57E, 65.4mlat)
  2. Inuvik, Canada (68.33N, 133.50W, 71.25mlat)

These are both fixed-gap imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometers (FPSs) that use a CCD imager for light collection. The Inuvik instrument has a narrow field of view and looks in the vertical so the output are neutral vertical winds and neutral temperatures. The filter used prior to November 2001 was for the red line around 240 km, and the data are in the CEDAR Database. After November 2001, a green line filter was installed to look at emissions from around 96 km. The Poker FLat instrument has an all-sky camera lens on the front so it is able to get the temperature and velocity from 47 separate zone locations in the sky. Vertical winds are available above the station, while meridional and zonal winds are found in circular zone areas around the zenith. The present filter is for red line emissions around 240 km, but a green line filter is on order and will be used part of the time for observations around 96 km.

Other regular scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometers (FPIs) would be happy to provide data for CEDAR/TIMED (*'d), and many contain data in the CEDAR Database along with contact information.

Site Lat Lon Type Kinst Contact
Eagle, AK, USA 64.78 -141.16 FPI* 5445 CRL
Poker Flat, AK, USA 65.12 -147.43 FPI* 5464 CRL

Poker Flat, AK, USA

65.12 -147.43 ASI-FPS 5465 M. Conde

Inuvik, Canada

68.33 -133.50 FPS 5510 M. Conde

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