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HF SuperDARN Sites for TIMED

The HF radars serve their own data through the SuperDARN system at http://superdarn.jhuapl.edu. There are a limited small number of campaigns at the CEDAR DB of HF radar data, primarily used in AMIE campaign studies. There are 15 HF radars in SuperDARN, 6 in the southern hemisphere and 9 in the Northern hemisphere. The data from the southern hemisphere is more difficult to get since the bulk of it arrives once a year by ship, but small amounts can be uploaded via satellite. The Northern hemisphere data are sent real time to APL where they are available from the SuperDARN web page. However, the better data is received about a day afterwards, and this is what is available to CEDAR/TIMED. Data can be retrieved a day at a time in 2 minute ascii chunks for all available radars in magnetic coordinates. The AACGM (Altitude Adjusted Corrected Geomagnetic Model) coordinates can be picked up from the SuperDARN site.

The basic geophysical data from the HF radars are the line-of-sight (LOS) ion velocity in regions where there are irregularities. HF radars scan many degrees in latitude, so the overhead location is not always appropriate. The value of the HFR are continuous maps of the ionospheric global convection along with an estimate of the cross-tail potential drop. The IMF (interplanetary magnetic field) conditions are also given in the SuperDARN files.

Site Lat Lon Type Kinst Contact

Halley, Antarctica

-75.52 -26.63 HFR 820 M. Pinnock

SANAE, Antarctica

-71.68 -2.85 HFR 825 A. D. Walker

Syowa South, Antarctica

-69.00 39.58 HFR 830 N. Sato

Syowa East, Antarctica

-69.01 39.61 HFR 831 N. Sato

Kergeulen Is

-49.35 70.26 HFR 834 J.-P. Villain
TIGER, Australia -43.38 147.23 HFR 836 P. Dyson

Kapuskasing, Canada

49.39 -82.32 HFR 845 R. Greenwald

Saskatoon, Canada

52.16 -106.53 HFR 861 G. Sofko

Goose Bay, Canada

53.32 -60.46 HFR 870 R. Greenwald
Prince George, Canada 53.98 -122.59 HFR 880 G. Sofko
Kodiak Is, AK, USA 57.60 -152.2 HFR 890 W. Bristow
King Salmon, AK, USA 58.68 -156.65 HFR 895 T. Kikuchi

Hankasalmi, Finland

62.32 26.61 HFR 900 M. Lester

Stokkseyri, Iceland

63.86 -22.02 HFR 910 J. P. Villain

Pykkvibaer, Iceland

63.86 -19.20 HFR 911 M. Lester

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