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ISR Sites for TIMED

There are 8 Incoherent Scatter Radars (ISRs) that have agreed to be a part of the ISR Lower Thermosphere Coupling Studies for TIMED/CEDAR. These are at 10 locations, since the original EISCAT receivers are in 3 locations. Some radars will only give electron density (Ne) such as the Jicamarca radar in Peru. Most of the ISRs have web pages in the CEDAR Database for summary plots in addition to having data in the DB. A web page maintained by the Millstone Hill ISR is at: http://www.haystack.edu/~szhang/cedar_timed.html.

The IS Radars with 2002 data in the CEDAR Database are shown as links in the table below to their summary plot pages.

The 2002 Geophysical Calendar with global ISR committed dates is found at:
http://www.ises-spaceweather.org/ (Click on Geophysical Calendar)
The schedules for the ISR Coordinated World Days for 1998-2002 is at
The 2002 Coordinated ISR dates start with the SELT campaign in March.

Site Lat Lon Type Kinst Contact

Jicamarca, Peru

-11.95 -76.0 ISR 10 Kudeki/Hysell

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

18.3 -66.8 ISR 20 Q. Zhou

Millstone Hill, MA, USA

42.6 -71.5 ISR 30-33 Foster/Zhang

Kharkov, Ukraine

50.0 36.2 ISR 45 V. Taran

Irkutsk, Russia

52.85 103.1 ISR 53 G. Zherebtsov

Sondrestrom, Greenland

67.0 -51.0 ISR 80 J. Thayer

EISCAT Sodankyla, Finland

67.4 26.6 ISR 70,73 A. Van Eyken

EISCAT Kiruna, Sweden

67.9 20.4 ISR 70,71 A. Van Eyken

EISCAT Tromso, Norway

69.6 19.2 ISR 70,72,74 A. Van Eyken

EISCAT Svalbard (ESR), Norway

78. 15. ISR 95 A. van Eyken

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