2007 Workshop:Friends of Arecibo

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There will be a videocon starting at 1 PM for about 1 hour in length on Tuesday with Arecibo Observatory for a town hall meeting of visiting NSF managers and Observatory staff related to the astronomy senior review. This review recommended a two-stage reduction in funding for the astronomical activities at Arecibo Observatory from $10.5 million per year to $8 million and finally to $4 million. How can the Observatory continue to run with only $4 million per year for astronomical activities? The videocon will explore all possible options.

The Thursday workshop will begin with a 40 minute discussion of the status of the Arecibo Observatory/NAIC in light of the recent NSF astronomy senior review and the Tuesday videocon. Mike Sulzer will say a few words about the new HF facility. We will then proceed to hearing some highlights from the past year from some of our staff and users including:

Chairs and Presenters


Time and Location

Tuesday, 13:00 - 15:00 in Anasazi North and Thursday, 13:00 - 15:00 in Anasazi South


Open Forum on Friends of Arecibo

Presentation Materials

Images, power point, pdf

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