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CEDAR2016 banner.png

2016 Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop

Sunday-Friday noon 19-24 June 2016

Eldorado Hotel and Santa Fe Convention Center, Santa Fe, NM

General Information

Plenary and workshop presenters are encouraged to convert their .pptx talks into .pdf form for archive the day of their presentation or earlier. Poster presents are encouraged to upload their .pdf posters before the workshop and this is required for students in competition. Later uploads are also excellent for archive purposes.

2016 CEDAR Agenda and Materials

Workshop proposals (Due 1 April 2016)

Registration, Ground Transportation and Lodging for the 2016 CEDAR-GEM Joint Workshop

2016 Workshop: | Register Here] Registration Deadlines: Students- 13 May and Regulars- 27 May - poster abstracts due 13 May

(links to ground transportation and lodging are at the registration website)

STUDENTS MUST PRESENT A POSTER to receive travel support including lodging and airfare/mileage reimbursement.

Travel support is limited to the first 125 students that request it during the registration process.

Poster Session Information

Poster sizes should fit into a 4' X 4' space. Poster abstracts can be submitted via the registration process/link (closed). Please submit workshop contributions to the corresponding workshop convener. Joint GEM/CEDAR poster sessions are on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 4-7PM.

Summary CEDAR 2016

Joint 2016 CEDAR-GEM Pictures (.pdf with captions)

Joint Science Steering Committee